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Investment Advice

With an abundance of choice, it is difficult to choose or know the difference between the many investment products in the market place and choosing from the many thousands of funds available to invest in can be just as complex. Whether it is financial planning for retirement, where to put your savings or spread the risk or simply where to invest - we can help.

Working to a plan

Whether you are looking to target growth or income, or a blend of both, our team can advise on the best investment planning strategy to suit your needs. We can also review existing investments to ensure that your money is working hard for you and are not over exposed to additional investment risk.

We will work with you to understand your objectives; when you would like to achieve them, your risk profile and your long-term ambitions. All of which will help us to recommend the most suitable investment for you.

We believe that honest and transparent investment advice will ensure we develop a bespoke plan based on your individual circumstances will improve your underlying investment returns.

Our investment process

We are lucky to be able to use the Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) methology developed by Flying Colours Finance.  For details on our relationship with Flying Colours Finance, please see this page.


We believe that this investment proposition can add significant value to an individual’s investment portfolio.


We appreciate that each client is an individual with unique personal financial circumstances and objectives and we will treat them as such.

For more details, see our Investment Process page.

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