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How we do it

A partnership for our clients

To conduct independent financial advice within the United Kingdom you have to be an approved firm by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


We have teamed up with Flying Colours Advice Limited under a “Contract for Services” agreement where we are provided with FCA Regulation and Authorisation, Compliance Function, Technical, and Administrative services including an in-house Investment Analysis Team (formally Octopus Investments) to deliver a truly independent and rounded financial planning service for our clients both new and old.


Our locations

In addition we are able to utilise several office locations throughout the UK from Liverpool, Preston, Ascot, Lincoln, and more to make sure our advice team is never too far away and available for a face to face session on request supported by technology in our new world calling on virtual on-line sessions where appropriate.

Who we are and what we do

Fox Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers.  We are an appointed representative of Flying Colours Advice Limited, who provide us with the necessary FCA authorisation, technical, administration and compliance services.


All advisers have completed the Certificate and Diploma in Regulated financial planning and have over 15 year’s experience providing financial advice and lifestyle financial planning.


We are truly independent financial advisers, which means that when we make recommendations, we have no restrictions or bias towards any product or solution. 


Our job is therefore to ensure that we understand everything that we possibly can about your situation.  This will then allow us to ensure that the strategy, solution, service or product that we recommend is the most suited to your own objectives, priorities and goals and situation.


This discovery / fact find is therefore essential preparation and its purpose is to allow us to gather all the information that we need in order to ensure the suitability of the eventual financial plan. 

How we work with you

We typically work through a number of phases, whereby we gather information, present back to you and ultimately give you your financial plan for implementation. 



Our way of working is thorough, and by working in this way we can ensure that whatever path you take is the right one, and you can avoid making a mistake.

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